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Creating votes isn't the most intuitive thing to do. It took me a while to figure out how to actually post a vote and have it be seen by others. I would create a vote and then hit save thinking that that would submit it for all to see. I didn't notice the publish option. It's a bit small and hard to notice. The template made the process easier.

Just a random idea - Some subverses could have regular elections. It could be interesting if you get Voaters campaigning for different positions. I don't think it would work for every subverse but it may be a better option then letting just anyone create a vote.

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The ability to create votes as they are now is solely for testing purposes. Ultimately not just anyone will be able to start a vote; there will be restrictions on who can vote once a poll or referendum is triggered. See here for Putt's words on the matter.

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So if I'm understanding correctly, the testing we've been doing is essentially for the sake of ensuring templates will function properly. Templates will ultimately take a number of forms with varying restrictions and requirements.

I don't see any of the restrictions for subverse transfers visibly within the transfer template, but the subverse request rules are still active.

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Templates are just an automated way to create a vote. The vote code is complex highly customizable so if we can create votes manually and they run how they should then templated votes should implicitly work. While we (the users) will likely use templates for nearly all referendum, there will be plenty of times an administrator will manually create a referendum vote and will desire to create a complex one, say for a site rule change.

The restrictions and thresholds will both be auto calculated by the site upon creation for referendums. This just isn't done yet.

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You know the first time I read this, I read introducing the Voat Templars... lol It was a good day.... No matter what you are telling yourself right now, today can still be a very good day regardless of where it is at right now...